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Happy New Year 2008 Jinggez!

Where in the hell did 2007 go? Jokes aside, the term 'time flies' rings oh so true. It feels like yesterday, we were all worried about the Millennium bug, and now, that was 7 years ago. My brief review of 2007? Well 2007 went slightly better that 2006 and 2005 combined, ever so slightly mind you. All I can hope for is an upward trend in fortune and prosperity. What did 2007 teach me? Recent months have proven that there really is no such thing as freedom of speech. I really can't write recklously and expect no consequences. Tolerance, self restraint and a little more thought should always be at the forefront, so to speak. Well at the very least this is true where blogging is concerned anyway.

As I sit here trying to recall the events of 2007, my mind comes to a blank. I struggle to find someting worth mentioning here. Maybe its because events of 2007 were forgettable or not significant enough to remember? Maybe its because I'm getting old and my brain has to select what…

Job Opening

I didn't realize you could apply for such a position but there it is... Ass Manager. So if you think you have a grip on your own ass, then you can apply. Also if you have an Agriculture background and are familiar with breeding Dongkeys, this might be the ideal position for you.

Heh. I think it should read, 'Vacant position.... mine, because I'll be fired soon for approving this banner'.

The most sadistic digusting video on the net

As part of my new light and breezy blogging, I want to share with you my experience of watching the most rabid, rancid, lude, crude, nasty and disturbing 1 minute clip ever. My friend Sham came over one night to my house, told me about it and said he'd like to video tape my reaction as I watch this clip. He says my reaction will be the best part! That really sparked my curiousity. Me being one who doesn't shy away from a proposal so enticing as this, of course said 'yes'. Boy was that the worse idea ever. Thanks Sham...

Anyhow, to cover my ass, I give this disclaimer, DO NOT WATCH THIS AND CALL ME A SICK PERVERT. You are the one that is moving the mouse. I just put this link. You don't have to click it. You click it because you are just as curious as I was. So DONT BLAME ME for any emotional distress it may cause. Blaming me or being angry at me would be like taking your kids to an R-Rated movie and then being shocked at the nudity, violence and swearing. Then writ…

I got bashed.

"That is the most disgracefully bigoted blog ...
If you are so intent on being such a racist little man i suggest you remove about 75% of your "friends" who are chinese, jewish or simply not a supporter of your hateful view of people in the world. You can't have it both ways, laugh and pretend you're such a nice funny guy to everyone and its alll just a joke and then try to promote these kind of opinions. It actually remind me so much of the whole one nation "go back to you's own country" crap that you despised so much in Australia. Such small, bitter thinking from someone who I know to be intelligent...I think that makes it so much worse. Malaysia is crumbling because of the racial arrogance of people like you on all sides." This was the message written to me from a dear friend, (maybe former friend now), clearly written in anger with regards to my previous post 'Blind Racism'. It is the reason I have decided to deleted it.

I sincerely a…

Aren't exams suppose to test people?

This yet another email I received about how Malaysia is shooting itself in the foot. Our people are becoming more and more incompetent as the years go by. To some degree, things like this are not helping.
Just to note that the Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia or STPM is Malaysia's equivelent to America's SAT and U.K's A Levels examinations.

Is the objective of STPM is to pass people? For the government of Malaysia, it sure seems that way.

How do you explain the fact that 87% of the students passed the examinations of the Sijil Tinggi Persekolahan Malaysia (STPM) recently? When during my grandfather's time only 10% would have passed? Are students getting smarter? Or are STPM questions getting easier?
Let me put things in their proper perspective.
During my grandfather's time, they would ask exam questions like:
In what year did Parameswara founded the kingdom of Melaka?
The correct answer was "1402", and they found that only 10% of the students managed to answe…

Learn Chinese for your own good

With the ever increasing population of China, and with the effects of globalization, it will be inevitable that we must all learn how to speak Chinese. To help you get a head start here are some key phrases.

Say these words out loud.

1) That's not right.................................Sum Ting Wong
2) Are you harboring a fugitive?........Hu Yu Hai Ding
3) See me ASAP...................................Kum Hia Nao
4) Stupid Man......................................Dum Fuk
5) Small Horse.....................................Tai Ni Po Ni
6) Did you go to the Beach?...............Wai Yu So Tan
7) I bumped into a coffee table.........Ai Bang Mai Fa Kin Ni
8) I think you need a face lift............Chin Tu Fat
9) It's very dark in here....................Wao So Dim
10) I thought you were on a diet.....Wai Yu Mun Ching
11) This is a tow away zone..............No Pah King
12) Our meeting is next week..........Wai Yu Kum Nao
13) Staying out of sight.....................Lei Ying Lo
14) He's cleanin…

Is life unfair?

I know that I'm asking for it when I ask such a rhetorical question. But seriously, why does life seem so damn unfair sometimes? Just look at this picture. This guy is on his power boat yacht surrounded by ridiculously hot, randy, happy, horny, big breasted 'Page-3' models. Oh just cruising' around the Mediterranean, having fun, not a care in the world.
Why oh why?? Damn it. What makes this guy so damn special? Why can't he, be me? What did he have to do to get to where he is? How la? How? Seeing things like this just makes me want to cry sometimes.
OK la... even IF, this guy is not some filthy russian oil billionaire, and this isn't his yacht, even IF, he is just the stupid 'clean-up boy' for the publication that rented this yacht for a photo shot, STILL, what a lucky bastard he is. Bastard. Such a silly silly lucky bastard. Lastly, to close this entry, the fella looks like he is BORED! So unfair. I wanna be bored like him...

FACELEBRITY - Facebook Celebrity

Why We Give Away Our Privacy on FacebookWith recent additions to Facebook such as the "Mini-Feed," our Facebook friends will always know what we're up to, whether it's attending the block party on Saturday night or tagging photographs of ourselves. These days I hear so many Facebook users complain about the lack of privacy, but then why use Facebook if it encroaches on your privacy so much? The easiest solution to these complaints is to stop using Facebook. The problem is that while many might entertain the idea, few can bear it's consequences. But why do we stay connected if we claim to hate it's invasion of our privacy?

The reason is because we actually love it. We may not realize it, but subconsciously we love it when other people invade our privacy. It is not as if we have paparazzi problems whenever we leave our houses, so we enjoy it when other people pay close attention to our lives and activities. This is a phenomenon that can be termed "facelebr…

Philosophy of the Stock Market

Once upon a time in a village, a man appeared who announced to the villagers that he would buy monkeys for RM10.00 .
The villagers, seeing that there were many monkeys in the forest, went out and started catching them. The man bought thousands at RM10.00.
As supply started to diminish and villagers started to stop their efforts, he announced that now he would buy them at RM20.00.
This renewed the efforts of the villagers and they started catching monkeys again. Soon, the supply diminished even further and people started going back to their farms.
The offer rate was increased to RM25.00 and the supply of monkeys became so scarce that it was an effort to even see a monkey, let alone catch it.
The man now announced that he would buy monkeys at RM50.00. However, since he had to go to the city on some business, his assistant would now buy on behalf of the man. In the absence of the man, the assistant told the villagers, "Look at all the monkeys in the big cage that the man has collected. I…

Coffee Anyone? Malaysia style.

Enough said...........

She is hot. But Why?

Do you find these kind woman so immensely attractive? Sadly, I do.. and admit it.. so do YOU!

Who is she? It turns out she might be internet model Jessica Kramer (NSFW link to her site here). Her hobbies include shopping, water skiing, and giving me a near painful erection. She also enjoys going to clubs, dancing, and having boobs so awesome they mock our laws of physics.

BiskutNaga's Top Ten Women That Need a Tight Slap

For weeks now, I've been reviewing my archives and have found that my recent articles are shit. I want to bring back some of the edge that seems to have been lost over the past months. Of late, my posts have been some what, well, for lack of a better word, 'gay'. I've seem to have lost the anger, the violence and the crassness in my writing. This blog has always been about the excellence of pushing the boundaries of social etiquette. I use to get excited when I write and feel the juices flow as my fingers pound away at the keyboard. All that has been lacking. So it ends now. I give you BiskutNaga's Top Ten Women That Need a Tight Slap!

These are the women that simply need a slap in the face. Preferably by a big angry Himalayan Indian with Yeti-Bigfoot blood in him. Just one big swing from his hairy-ice-crusted-skin-peeled arm, and SMACK! right across the face of these utterly irritating public women. Oh such ecstasy.

10. Calista flockhart

When I saw the first episode …

Direct Selling - The Hardore way of selling

A couple of months back, a friend of mine was kind enough to give me an opportunity to see what he does for a living, Direct Selling. This is where the producer sells to the user, ultimate consumer or retailer without intervening middlemen such as wholesalers, retailers, or brokers. Direct selling offers many advantages to the customer, including lower prices and shopping from home.

But my friends company calls it 'Below the line' marketing. Yea!
Below the line means non-media advertising or promotion when no commission has been paid to the advertising agency. Includes direct mail, point of sale displays, giveaways and direct sales.
Ok enough Marketing 101 background crap. To summarize, this shit is hard. I knew that a door-to-door salesman had it bad, but I had no idea it was this bad. As my friend would spew out, 'the rewards are there'. If you are willing to put aside, for the moment, your ego and pride, you can be successful in this no doubt. You need to turn yourself…

Wentworth Miller is gay.. confirmed

To all the ladies out there that have been swooning over this heartthrob for the past 2 years.... I say you can all go and 'suck it!' Scofield is gay. Wait, let me be clear, Went Worthmiller the actor is Gay. Yes, Gay. Batty Boy. Bum Captain. Priscilla Queen of Arse. Pick a name. So for those of you that have that silly hope of accidentally bumping into him in a supermarket and having him help you pick up that fallen apple, lock eyes, fall in love and live happily ever after, FORGET IT.. that shit has about negative zero chance of ever happening. Not that you had any chance before this.

Wentworth Miller hangs out actor pal Luke McFarlane in Los Angeles on Saturday. According to spywitnesses, the pair first avoided being photographed together, but eventually walked down the street together with a smile.Wentworth, 35, and Luke, 27, started their day off together by visiting printing store Kinko’s, where the Prison Break star surfed the web. Afterwards the pair grabbed some drinks…

Tiger Woods by David Feherty

Having laid off golf for 1 year, I post this little story about Tiger Woods in light of my own golf revival.

You probably don't have to be a golfer to enjoy the story below.
For the non golfers amongst you, a decent player can hit a wedge about 110yards from a good lie.
David Feherty (sports commentator) on Tiger:-
I maintain that he is a special person. There's no one else on the planet who can do what he does or even think of doing what he does. I've often thought, instead of showing Tiger's reaction to a shot he's hit, we really should show the reaction of those around him. But here is the next best thing. "I'm walking down the 18th fairway at Firestone Country Club with Ernie Els and Tiger, who has popped up a three-wood about 40 yards behind Ernie into some wet, nasty, horrible, six-inch rough," Feherty says.
Tiger's cursing and taking clumps out of Ohio with his three-wood. And, of course, we're not showing this on TV beca…

Top 10 Things I Miss about Adelaide

Actually this list is suppose to be a joint venture entry between The Shoddy Blog and Jinggez. I was to write 5, and Simon writes 5.. But as usual, this post has been lost in our backlog of drafts for weeks, and so I've decided to go ahead. What the hell right? Its my blog, I say and do what the hell I like. I couldn't care less if nobody reads this shit.. let alone understand what I'm on about. But for my regular readers.. eh.. of course, you guys are the best. Thank you for coming back. Anyway...

Having lived in Adelaide South Australia for 5 years from 1993-1998, I find myself occasionally reminiscing about those yesteryear's. Sparked by the recent visit by Campbell, I give you now my Top 10 Things I Miss about Adelaide. "From the home office in Wahoo Nebraska..... here we go number 10!" The late show, David Letterman.

Number 10. The North Adelaide Burger Bar
In Adelaide, about the only thing open at 2am, is the Burger Bar. Perfect for the night creatures tha…

Fatty Crab 2 or Bloody Hell 3?

Recently my partner-in-crime and co-star our Shoddy Horror movie series Andrew Campbell paid me a visit. As its now seemingly becoming some sort of tradition, I took him and Alex (his girlfriend la, short for Alexandra) to Fatty Crab. I also took our fellow Shoddy alumni, Simon last year and still talks to me about it. I get the feeling like he's still upset about the fact we didn't order enough. Simon was the one who recommended Andrew to experience 'Elbows-In Dining'. I am always more than happy to accommodate my 'brothers'.

Fatty Crab is renowned for their delicious red crabs. In fact they serve nothing but. Well you can order side dishes like chicken wings and fried rice, but mostly, people just come for the crabs. The crab can be cooked in several styles, sweet and sour, steamed, fried with chili or with black pepper. Its all good.

For this raunchy experience, we ordered the house favourite, chili crabs. These crabs are fried in a gigantic wok over high hea…

How do you tell who is who?

I'm not trying to make fun of my own religion but honestly, this is where I think the Arabs take it a little too far... Why bother taking this picture ?
"Oh look Auntie Laden got new shoes..."
"and my my hasn't Latifah lost weight since the pregnancy.."

Thai Cuisine in Bangkok

Recently on my trip to the Kingdom of Thailand, I was blessed with the opportunity to sample the local fair as only god intended. Up until last week, my idea of great Thai food comes from eating at the local food stalls down the road, cooked by some Indian bloke from Bangalore. I may be stating the obvious here but, you just can't beat consuming Thai food that has been cooked by 'the locals'. Being able to eat it there in Bangkok was key. Sure, a Thai dude can come here to Malaysia and cook up a storm, but there's something to be said about using the ingredients that has been grown from the ground where the blood and tears its people have spilt. Thai food is known for its enthusiastic use of fresh (rather than dried) herbs and spices as well as fish sauce. Thai cuisine is known for its balance of five fundamental flavors in each dish or the overall meal - spicy, sour, sweet, salty and bitter (optional).

I was really amazed at how consistent the food was where ever I ate…

Happy Birthday to me..

Its the day after my Birthday and I feel absolutely the same as I did a year ago. A little older, a little wiser, and a few kilos heavier. Just got back from Bangkok and in retrospect, probably the best present I could have given myself. Nothing like a few days in a foreign country to put some extra perspective on ones life. Glad to be home and love Malaysia that little bit more.

Thoughts on my life? Sure things can always be better... but bottom line, honestly, I'm happy and thankful to God that I've gotten this far relatively unscathed. With all of life's ups and downs, overall, the graph has shown an upward trend. I hope this trend continues till the day I die.Friends have come and gone. Those who I call friends now, I feel will be with me a long time, My family? Stronger and full of love through all the tough times. The saying "united we stand, together we fall" rings so true.This blog, reluctantly, what started out as an experiment, has become very much a par…

Miscellaneous Information on Star Trek: The Next Generation

Just in case you need to know more about the show, here are some useful information for you. You never know when it might come up at a dinner party or even at your next convention. Although, if you were at a convention, bringing up these points would only embarrass yourself as all this is common knowledge!

Riker has been offered the command of his own ship on the following occasions:
In The Arsenal of Freedom, he is offered command of the USS Drake.
In The Icarus Factor he's offered the USS Aries.
In the Best of Both Worlds he is offered the USS Melbourne, later found destroyed at Wolf 359.

The saucer section of the Enterprise separates from the drive section in:
Encounter At Farpoint.
The Arsenal of Freedom.
Best of Both Worlds - Part II.

Captain Picard surrenders:
To `Q' in Encounter at Farpoint.
He tries to surrender to the Ferengi but they surrender first in The Last Outpost.
In The OutragousOkona, Picard orders the shields dropped `In case we decide to surrender to them.'
In A Mat…

How to watch a T.V series properly

Can I just say that one of my all time favourite TV Series has to be 'The West Wing'. The series is set in the West Wing of the White House, the location of the Oval Office and offices of presidential senior staff, during the fictional Democratic administration of Josiah Bartlet played by Martin Sheen. The West Wing offers a rare glimpse into the inner workings of America's most powerful address, 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Many criticisms have been written concerning the shows legitimacy, political slant, and film merits. Some critics often praised The West Wing for its writing, others faulted the show for its unrealistic optimism. Now don't get me wrong, I'm not a U.S Politics buff nor am I have suddenly gone 'all serious'. I just really like this show.

At first I was reluctant to watch it thinking, "How can a show about the white house be any good?". Even after its first season, The West Wing garnered nine Emmy's, (a record for most won by a s…

You know you're from Adelaide when ...

Thanks Nana for this contribution........ Incidentally, Nana is an Indonesian. She is called Nana because her full name is Sri Retnaning Diyah Hastuti Hadiputranto. Huh? Exactly. Anyway, Nana loves Adelaide so much that she has become a permanent resident, works for the government of South Australia and is about to marry someone from there! Go figure.

You have been to the club formerly known as Heaven at least once (and you were under 18). You have been to Glenelg and got extremely sunburned You know what fritz is You call people Mindas You say plaaaant not pleeeent You go out to the same place EVERY Saturday night You have the same friends from high school You can't go out without seeing someone you know You really miss the old Sizzler cheese bread You like ugg boots, not moccies You have a very strong opinion on Lleyton Hewitt You have been to one of the following lookouts:
(Stirling, Mt Lofty, Penfolds Rd, Sunnyside Rd, Eagle On The Hill, Montefiore Hill) You know who Stormy Summ…

BiskutNaga's 4 Types of Gays

I have successfully categorized Gays into 4 main sub groups. This are purely my own observations. I'm am not trying piss off gay people but merely providing valuable insight for straight people so we are better prepared in being more aware of our surroundings. There are those that will say that Lesbians are also called Gay, but for this entry, I'm not talking about Lesbians. From these various types, you can develop your own informed opinions and reactions towards future gay encounters. At the same time you yourself will know where you stand in life.
Type 1 - The Full Version 'might-as-well-be woman' Gay These are those that have gone all out to change genders. So far as to undergo a sex operation and taking hormone injections to induce once a month menstrual crying (PMS). These are for all intensive purposes are the perfect woman, having being Men at one point, they understand all the little nuances of manhood. They give the best oral sex and can never get pregnant thus…

I Finally Saw TRANSFORMERS! (no spoilers)

I managed to get my hands on some premier tickets. I bought a magazine that had a 'answer the simple questions' contest via text message, and I scored! The movie doesn't officially release till tomorrow... eh.. later today I mean. I've literally just got home from the cinema. I drove like a fully charged Autobot, to come home and write this entry.

To put it short and sweet. It was AWESOME! By far, the best summer blockbuster and probably the most action packed movie this year! After all the hype, all the publicity, all the hoop-la, it did not disappoint. Don't get me wrong, this movie will not win an Oscar for best acting, but it will win for best special effects. My god the effects. It was cutting edge. I haven't been this impressed since Jurassic Park. ILM did a fine ass job. Not one stray pixel anywhere. When you see the first transformer transformation at the start of the movie, it will send chills through your spine. Simply sexy.

I've not had this much …

The differences between Hongkies, Singaporeans, Indonesians and Malaysians

Its that time again for an email forwarded to me, too good not to share.

Being Hongkies (Hong Kong people) is good because...
1. We are Hongkies and not Chinese.
2. We can rude and shout and nobody gives a damn.
3. Jackie Chan is our idol.
4. We can live in a 5' x 5' cubicle and call it a luxury apartment. We even need to pay $10,000 a month for this cubicle. Bargain!
5. Our children can speak Cantonese at a young age.
6. We get to blame everything on FengShui or TungCheeHwa or the mainland communists.
7. Gambling is more interesting than sex. Macau is the place to go for thrills!
8. We produce a lot of Miss Hong Kong to the enjoyment of the rich and famous.

We love being Singaporean because...
1. We are not Malaysians.
2. Everyone (especially the Malaysian) hates us, except ourselves.
3. Famous for Orchard Road and we love Geylang. Geylang is the place to go for thrills!
4. We have our own island.
5. We will never ever have yucky chewing gum stuck under our shoes.
6. We know how to enjoy our…