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Seung-Hui Cho, serve you right America!

This is not Seung-Hui Cho by the way.
BANG! BANG! One crazy ass Korean lost the plot and shot a whole bunch people. Many dead. This has left the American people dazed, confused, angered and sad. Its bad enough they are afraid to get on a plane with 'Ahmed Bin Laden', now they can't even go to school for fear some crazy fool will go buck wild and open fire. First let me this clear, I do not condone Cho's actions nor do I think he is justified in anyway whatever his reasons may have been. After reading the various news articles about the shooting, here is my 2 cents.
America is looking to point the finger. Who is to be blamed for this great injustice? Who is at fault? How can they prevent this from happening? I blame the country itself. The United States of America, land of the free. Liberty and justice for all. The American dream. You and your goddamn American citizen rights and shit. How bout you point that finger on yourselves before blaming others. First and foremost…

My sister's room of death

Every so often I would venture into my sister's room just to see what she is up to. For me its like walking into some kind of alternate universe or some kind of twilight zone even. For starters, the room is not your typical square or rectangle in its layout. Its got a zig-zag wall on one side and french doors on the other. Quite bizarre if you ask me. As if that wasn't enough, her bed would sometimes be placed on an angle across the room, just to 'off set' things it seems. Oh my god, lets not forget the beads. Oh yes the beads. A curtain of Balinese ornamental jewels divides the room to create a 'walk in wardrobe' of sorts. An ode to 70's interior design? Perhaps, only my sister knows whats going on there.

"Get me out of here! "

Lets not forget the 'all-of-sudden-its-blue-its-green' bathroom, with a glass tabletop wash basin that has edges so sharp that one slip and you can kiss your wet naked life goodbye. Oh and recently the roof caved in …

The most annoying question of all time

"Hey, how are things?"

One of the most common greetings of modern times. A question that is both vague and at the same time obtrusive. Why the hell does one ask such a rhetorical question anyway? Do you really care how things are doing with the other person? And if so, what of it? When answering a question like this, how much do you tell or How much don't you tell? What happens when too much information has passed and an embarrassing situation arises?

Say for instance, "Hey, how are things?" Answer, "Things are bad, I am having a stomach ache and I need to take a big shit, I predict it will be a shit that will be both soft and very liquid. Also my cat died in my toilet, the smell is quite rank. I will however persevere non the less. Oh and my wife slept with her boss too. Thanks for asking.". So now the person who asked the question in the first place is left bewildered and feeling like shit. He has had a shitty day, that is how things are going for him…