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I miss blogging.

   i'd do it more if it didn't require so much thought...... heh

...... I really do miss it though.....

My Mandatory Birthday Blurb 2011

Hello hello, yes, another year has passed and I'm still alive. Happy about that I must say. This year has been hectic to say the least. I've never done so much travelling in one year and we're only half way through 2011. I'm not complaining though, I mean, in this economy, I'm happy I have a job let alone a job that requires frequent travel. This only real problem I have with my job is, having to be away from my family for weeks on end. Sometimes I feel I'm missing out on my children's growing up. Ultimately, I have to do this for them. 'Gotta pay the bills' as they say.

This year I was once again, on a golf course, in the Tournament Office, in some other country other than my own. The one difference is I received a surprise birthday cake! And what a surprise it was. This one had the full theatrics including accomplice actors and notions of alleged error on my part. Just what I needed after a long day of stress.... more stress. In the end it was wor…

Photoshop Tennis 3 - AlphaBeatDown

click to enlarge
Howdy folks, its been a while since the last Photoshop Tennis match between ShoddyBlog and Me. This one is based on the Alphabet. The base image is one of a shopping mall somewhere. This image was challenging as the graininess and perspective made adding things to it, very difficult but extremely fun.

See if you can spot and name all 26 of them.... There is also a bonus 27th one just for the hell of it.

Stay tuned for the next round of Photoshop Tennis. This time we explore the wonders of the 90s!

Here are Photoshop Tennis match 1 and match 2 just to refresh your memory.

Welcome to Malaysia

I been meaning to post this....

Who is at fault?
The Taxi driver? The fares are so low and fuel is up, who could blame him.
The Customers? What choice do they have? Buses are crap and it ain't easy getting a cab.
The People in charge? How long does it take to fix a problem?

Happy New Year Ya Clowns!

Yo! As the title suggests, Happy New Year! I expect 2011 to be a hectic year with much travel and new opportunities in store. No need to declare resolutions and shit, we never stick to them anyway. I say just have a general idea of where you want to be at the end of the day and you'll live with less stress.

My last blog update was in October and I know I've been slack in updating this. It seems that social networking is all the trend these days. Facebook and Twitter have litterally taken over our lives. Blogging seems to be so old fashion now. To be honest, blogging takes too much effort and is rather time consuming. I've found that, although you can express more in a blog than in a 'status update', sometimes less is more. Many times in the past, I'd get in trouble with putting my thoughts on a page. I realise that not everyone shares my opinions or sense of humour for that matter. True freedom of speech does not exist. Its hard to convey your point of view or …