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What Chinese People think of the Malays

This list was written by a chinese person and highlights their point of view about us Malays here in our own country. I received this in my email one day and felt that it needed to be posted. I think it is only fair seeing as I myself posted a chinese race related post a few months ago.

If you are of Malay race, this list will no doubt anger you however, we must accept their opinions about us and reflect on ourselves. Not all of it is wrong, most are painfully accurate. If we don't like what is said, we must endeavour to make a change and stop blaming others for own shortcomings. I feel this list also shows the deep racial under current that lies behind our seemingly peaceful country.

Note :- The text is totally unedited, so the bad english is not from me.

01. You MALAY call each other 'BODOH' for fun, and too 'BODOH' to realize it's an offensive word.
02. You're the LAZIEST person on God's earth.
03. Always update with "lagu-lagu A-minor", "l…

The Little Blue House Cafe

I would like share with all of you about this little known culinary gem called 'The Little Blue House Cafe'. Situated in the small sleepy town of Bidor in the state of Perak, Malaysia. Its a small restaurant off the main street of Bidor town and you would not find it unless you were lost. This ironically was the way we stumbled upon it.

Bidor is the kind of town that probably was once a hide out for thieves back in the 70's, or even a toilet stop for train drivers back in the 60's, who really knows. These days, its home for people who are quite content living their mediocre lives from one day to the next. Simply existing on this planet waiting for the day they see a mushroom cloud in the distance. Anyway...

'The Little Blue House Cafe' serves the tastiest wok fried food on the planet. Their Chinese fried rice is simply to die for. Not to mention the sweet and sour chicken, simply divine. The decor was as you would expect, tasteless yet rustic, a relic of the 70&#…