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My Mandatory Birthday Blurb 2011

Hello hello, yes, another year has passed and I'm still alive. Happy about that I must say. This year has been hectic to say the least. I've never done so much travelling in one year and we're only half way through 2011. I'm not complaining though, I mean, in this economy, I'm happy I have a job let alone a job that requires frequent travel. This only real problem I have with my job is, having to be away from my family for weeks on end. Sometimes I feel I'm missing out on my children's growing up. Ultimately, I have to do this for them. 'Gotta pay the bills' as they say.

This year I was once again, on a golf course, in the Tournament Office, in some other country other than my own. The one difference is I received a surprise birthday cake! And what a surprise it was. This one had the full theatrics including accomplice actors and notions of alleged error on my part. Just what I needed after a long day of stress.... more stress. In the end it was wor…