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Toyota Football Fever Party

My pals the SoccerGurus have extended me an invite to their year end soccer party, of which I am extending to my readers. So those of you who wanna go, let me know, I'll get that organized for you. Obviously this only applies to my readers in Malaysia. Unless of course, you are mad and fly in from Zimbabwe just to attend. But if that happened, I'm not sure you should attend as you probably are mentally unstable. Anyway here are the details from the email:-


Can you get your mates to join in and tuck in to sum fine free food and drinks and supports us in this event. Maybe if u like to post in to your blog? I will need the number of your mates plus names to work on F&B

Toyota Football Fever "Live Viewing"

Time: 7.30pm till late
Date: Saturday 9th Dec 2006

Venue: My Home Bistro's (Formerly known as Cristo's)
Address: 76 Jln 27/70A, Desa Sri Hartamas
50480 Kuala Lumpur (Opposite Project Station)

Attire : Club colors

There will be free food…

CELGames 2006 equals Loser is Me

Yes thats right, loser. Me.

Serves me right to enter a video game competition and actually expect to win. I need to realize that I am not 16 anymore and video games, well at least at a competition level, is not for me. Needless to say, my two buddies and I, all in our 30's, got handed our asses handed to us by these kids. I never felt more like a old man and a loser than I did on saturday. I actually brought my own special gaming mouse and keyboard, that kids can't even afford. And still I got whipped. At the end of the day, I should just enjoy online gaming from home and relax. Leave the professional gaming to those who are well and truly dedicated to the sport. Here is a picture of us before the start of the Battlefield game. Our faces filled with blind optimism and foolish bravery.

Oh well, I'm going to play golf on my XBOX 360 now, by myself, if you don't mind. Oh ya, just as I'm writing this, one of them 'kids' just messaged me on MSN with a link to hi…

XBOX 360 or PS3?

And now I address the issue of XBOX 360 vs PS3. How to choose? Which is better?
Ok, before I say one more thing, you need to know that I just bought the XBOX 360. So what I'm about to say might be to ease the guilt in me and to somewhat justify my recent purchase. It seemed like the logical thing to do seeing as I already own the old XBOX of which I modified it with a 120Gig Hard Drive so I can store all my downloaded movies and stuff. What a wonderful thing the XBOX is.

What attracted me most about the XBOX 360, is the fact that you can play online with your friends on XBOX Live. Now granted, you need to pay a subcription. I think 50US a year is worth it, because you have access to all the latest demos and downloads Microsoft has to offer, plus live streaming media. Now this online component is where I feel that Microsoft has an edge over Sony. Sony has announced, they too will have online gameplay. We will have to see how good it will be.

The next attractive point is the fact that …

What in the hell is 'The Stern Review'?

In a vain attempt at my blog being more than just mindless crap from me, I present to all my readers, this... The world has to act now on climate change or face devastating economic consequences, according to a report compiled by Sir Nicholas Stern for the UK government. And hence the name, 'The Stern Review'. Here are the key points of the review written by the former chief economist of the World Bank. TEMPERATURE
- Carbon emissions have already pushed up global temperatures by half a degree Celsius
- If no action is taken on emissions, there is more than a 75% chance of global temperatures rising between two and three degrees Celsius over the next 50 years
-There is a 50% chance that average global temperatures could rise by five degrees Celsius
ENVIRONMENTAL IMPACT - Melting glaciers will increase flood risk
- Crop yields will decline, particularly in Africa
- Rising sea levels could leave 200 million people permanently displaced
- Up to 40% of species could face extinction

Battlefield 2142!

First off I'd like to apologize for the delay in posting, I had a long holiday and went traveling inter-state to my mother's hometown. More than that, the delay was mainly due to my new obsession, Electronic Arts's Battlefield 2142, a multiplayer online futuristic war first-person shooter game. You may have noticed a statistics banner at the bottom of this page. That is my characters statistics for Battlefield 2, EA's 2005 game based on modern day warfare. I've been playing BF2 for a year now and when EA announced a follow up game to BF2, I went mental. I pre-ordered the special edition version that comes in a neat metal box and I got a limited edition mobile phone strap, woo-hoo! Anyway, I've been playing BF2142 every night since, till the wee hours of the morning in a vain attempt to 'level-up' my character and 'be all that I can be' as it were. I've been walking around in a zombie-ish daze during the day from the lack of sleep. We use t…