Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Why Philippinoes are generally good singers

Have you ever wondered why people from the Philippines like to sing? And when they do, its normally not bad? You know what I'm talking about, you'd be at your friends house, and he'd have a Maid from Philippines, and as she's cleaning, she starts to hum or sing along softly to the tune on the radio. This year on American Idol, there even was a Pinoy girl, Ramiele Malubay, who made it to the Hollywood round.

During my trip to the Philippines, I found out why. Simple. The reason is, they have several KARAOKE channels on TV! Thats 24/7, Free Karaoke for everyone who owns a TV! So, have a party, plug in a mic, and turn on the TV! Its that simple! To hell with copyright infringements, just air those songs with words and images that have nothing relating to the song! Really, I flick on this channel and it was a girl in a Bikini, frolicking on the beach, as you sing along to Elton John's Circle of Life from the Lion King. Heh.. Go figure.

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