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I Finally Saw TRANSFORMERS! (no spoilers)

I managed to get my hands on some premier tickets. I bought a magazine that had a 'answer the simple questions' contest via text message, and I scored! The movie doesn't officially release till tomorrow... eh.. later today I mean. I've literally just got home from the cinema. I drove like a fully charged Autobot, to come home and write this entry.

To put it short and sweet. It was AWESOME! By far, the best summer blockbuster and probably the most action packed movie this year! After all the hype, all the publicity, all the hoop-la, it did not disappoint. Don't get me wrong, this movie will not win an Oscar for best acting, but it will win for best special effects. My god the effects. It was cutting edge. I haven't been this impressed since Jurassic Park. ILM did a fine ass job. Not one stray pixel anywhere. When you see the first transformer transformation at the start of the movie, it will send chills through your spine. Simply sexy.

I've not had this much …

The differences between Hongkies, Singaporeans, Indonesians and Malaysians

Its that time again for an email forwarded to me, too good not to share.

Being Hongkies (Hong Kong people) is good because...
1. We are Hongkies and not Chinese.
2. We can rude and shout and nobody gives a damn.
3. Jackie Chan is our idol.
4. We can live in a 5' x 5' cubicle and call it a luxury apartment. We even need to pay $10,000 a month for this cubicle. Bargain!
5. Our children can speak Cantonese at a young age.
6. We get to blame everything on FengShui or TungCheeHwa or the mainland communists.
7. Gambling is more interesting than sex. Macau is the place to go for thrills!
8. We produce a lot of Miss Hong Kong to the enjoyment of the rich and famous.

We love being Singaporean because...
1. We are not Malaysians.
2. Everyone (especially the Malaysian) hates us, except ourselves.
3. Famous for Orchard Road and we love Geylang. Geylang is the place to go for thrills!
4. We have our own island.
5. We will never ever have yucky chewing gum stuck under our shoes.
6. We know how to enjoy our…

Don't you just love Lindsay Lohan?

I must say I am a little bit unsure on my opinions about Lindsay. The first time I saw her was in her breakout Disney movie, The Parent Trap (1998) where she played twins. Her performance was simply brilliant as I thought there were two actresses. Her acting ability is not in question and her recent films are evidence of this. I initially wondered if freckles on her body would get worse as she grew up because honestly, she could have gone either way. This obviously is not the case as she blossomed into quite a vixen. Lindsay was voted #10 on the list of "100 Sexiest Women 2006" by readers of FHM. Maxim placed her at #3 on its 2006 Hot 100 list as well. This year, Lindsay placed at #1 on the Maxim "Hot 100". Her entry on the list can be seen here.

Lindsay is portrayed as a "party girl" who frequented clubs with Nicole Richie and Paris and Nicky Hilton, among others ("people [say], 'Oh, she goes out and she parties,'" Lindsay said. "No…

Indiana Jones 4 - Sure or not, Mr. Ford?

The fourth installment of the Indiana Jones movies is currently filming, directed by Steven Spielberg and produced by George Lucas, and today there is a first look of the now 65-year-old Harrison Ford as Indy. says:

For the first time since 1989, Harrison Ford dons the familiar costume on
Thursday, June 21, 2007, as the upcoming Indiana Jones adventure begins
production under the direction of Steven Spielberg. The new Indiana Jones movie
is set in the 1950s and stars ShiaLaBeouf, Cate Blanchett, John Hurt, Ray
Winstone and Jim Broadbent. The Lucasfilm Ltd. production will be released by
Paramount Pictures worldwide on May 22, 2008.

At least he doesn't look 65, but he sure as hell doesn't look like he could bull-whip my ass either. There seems to be a trend of sorts. All these old action heroes, going back and re-doing these films that made them famous. Reliving their youth? Maybe. First it was Stallone, with Rocky 6, then Bruce with Die Hard 4, also lets not forget, …

Malaysian Airlines horror story

I recently had a conversation with a friend of mine and was horrified at ordeal he experienced flying Malaysian Airlines.
First off, my friend is an Australian. He recently married a lovely Chinese Malaysian lady and now have a son bearly 10 months old. They now live in Malaysia. On his recent trip to Melbourne, he had requested for the seats right up front which supports a baby Bassinet. Anyway, Airline policy states that you cannot actually book those seats, but under normal circumstances, if you are with an infant, you will be placed in those seats. On the way over, the flight was full and the ticketing person was NOT at all accommodating. However, they still managed to rearrange passengers so that my friend and his family got those seats. But not until they actually boarded mind you. But that's not the real drama.
The real shit happened on their return flight. Once again, during check in, the Mas Ground manager was most arrogant (an Australian himself mind you). He insisted that…

First Review for the new Transformers movie

Transformers the Movie will not be out here in Asia not for another few weeks, although I read somewhere that it will be shown here in Malaysia one week before the scheduled 1st of July because the rampant piracy. I don't see how though, as showing it earlier would mean that the pirated DVDs will hit the streets of Istambul one week earlier too.

Last night however, I did go to see Fantastic Four Rise of the Silver Surfer, and my review is short and sweet.... IT SUCKED... it sucked balls..... crap .... and crap. Its only a little bit better than the first movie, which isn't saying much seeing as that sucked so bad that anything else was going to be a step up.
After months of speculation, someone has actually seen it. This is what Dome22 (taken from had to say about The Transformers. I shall reserve my comments until after I've seen the movie myself. But it is looking good.... read on.. Before going into specific details about positives I shall add…

Berocca, Does it work?

And now a word from our sponsor.... Berocca Stay sharp Effervescent tablets.

Just a side note, I just love the word EFFERVESCENT.. try using it in a sentence today..

ef·fer·vesce (ěf'ər-věs') Pronunciation Key intr.v. ef·fer·vesced, ef·fer·vesc·ing, ef·fer·vesc·es
- To emit small bubbles of gas, as a carbonated or fermenting liquid.
- To escape from a liquid as bubbles; bubble up.
- To show high spirits or animation or GAY.

Berocca is tailored specifically for those with hectic lifestyles, Berocca helps you to stay at your best and get the most out of the day ahead. This is what the commercial says.....
Why take Berocca? Berocca is a high dose formulation of essential vitamins and minerals, which can help you to stay sharp. Tailored specifically for those with hectic lifestyles, Berocca helps you to stay at your best and get the most out of the day ahead. It is also free from artificial stimulants, so offers you a health way to stay sharp. Berocca is also suitable for vegetarians.


Spiderman Malaysia

This picture also shows the lengths Malaysians will go for humor.
It also shows how much free time have..
But sadly, this also illustrates how Malaysians are best at taking or copying someone elses idea, change it slightly and call it there own... shish...

Incidentally, this picture was sent to Sam Raimi for his consideration for Spiderman 3 but was rejected, obviously.

Joke Time!

Its that time again for a little wee joke... So enjoy... Thanks to Andrea for emailing it to me. I dont normally read jokes forwarded to me, but this made me chuckle. I thought this one was worth posting for its sexist undertones that are in line with the philosophy that is Jinggez! I also include this picture (right) of Pamela Anderson's cleavage - just for more shits and giggles! She is trying to be funny.. look .. her T-shirt says Google... get it? As in her two massive mounds of love are the 'o's of Goo-gle.. Smart and well thought out.
A store that sells new husbands has just opened in Melbourne, where a woman may go to choose a husband. Among the instructions at the entrance is a description of how the store operates:

You may visit this store ONLY ONCE! There are six floors and the value of the products increase as the shopper ascends the flights. The shopper may choose any item from a particular floor, or may choose to go up to the next floor, but you canno…