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BiskutNaga's Top 20 Best 80s songs EVER!

These are my picks for the best of the 80s music. These songs I feel, really opitomises the true essence of the 80s. To me they are, timeless classics and will remain in my MP3 player, forever. So feel free to find and download these songs to make your very own 80s mix tape... Ah yes, the mix tape.. a sure way to a woman's heart is to make a mix tape of all her favorite songs... and songs that say to her, what you don't have the balls to say yourself. These songs are what made us Sensitive New Age Guys such losers then. And pushed the girls away to those rebel, rock, toughguy bastards that abused them and didn't deserve their love. So here we go.
As usual, these are in no particular order. They are all songs that I listen to over and over again, and to hell with what people say! I love 'em.

1. Owner of a lonely heart - Yes
2. Easy Lover - Phil Collins & Philip Bailey
3. Clouds across the moon - The Rah Band
4. Do it for love - Sheena Easton
5. Method of a modern love -…

New crap & a new poll and for BiskutNaga's Jinggez

I've just added a new poll entitled "Which super power would want the most?". Just to see what kind of readers I have reading my blog. Incidentally, Anne Hathaway was to choice most picked from my last poll, But I think that just bull shit. I know it was one of my siblings, trying to annoy me but not picking Jennifer Connelly.

Also new to Jinggez is, I have change the email subscription engine, seeing as the old one (Bloglet) didn't work. So this post is kind of a 'test' post to see you get notified. Plus, I recently bought a Sony Ericsson K610i which has a 'Blog This!' feature in it where I can send pictures directly to my blog. Not this blog but this one . How exciting, mobile blogging. That was fun for a 2 weeks. Until my pal Adrian poisoned my mind with greedy ideas of buying yet another phone. Anyway, I've sold the phone and bought the Sony Ericsson P990i which has everything else EXCEPT the 'Blog This!'…

The Haze is back... Again!

Its that time again here in South East Asia for the Haze. The Haze is caused by forrest fires in Borneo (neighbouring Indonesia). The straw that broke this camel's back was a news report I watched last night which reported that the fires were due to farmers in Borneo excessively practicing open burning to clear their land. I don't think so. There are rumors that the fires were start by Malaysian Logging companies in Borneo. Now that sounds about right. With the economy so bad, and corruption at an all time high, wouldn't you haze-up an entire region for that million-dollar pay off? Easy money this logging business is, with our planets natural resources depleting, its no wonder this has occured. I mean, the Borneo island is a world heritage site with miles and square miles of virgin jungle just waiting to be exploited. Its got trees so high, you and I would probably never get see. Its is impossible to believe that the lowly "farmer" and his minions have all collec…

Blogging Block

If you have noticed, the frequency of my posts have slowed down. This is due to my lack of inspiration of late. A writter's block if you will. There are lots of things I could comment about. There are many things that pisses me off. But its nothing that I haven't said before. And thats the problem. I don't want to repeat myself. So for this post, I will just type what is going through my head, at this instance.. as I am typing.

Our film, 'Bloody Hell' on is not going as expected. So far, only 54 views and its rated 2 stars. Not exactly the response we where hoping for. Far from making CNN news as being the most watched video on YouTube. One can only dream. I will upload 'Ended', a clay animation that has all the makings of great Internet fun fare but not just yet. I think I let a few more weeks pass before uploading. See how 'Bloody Hell' goes.

My internet connection really sucks. It seems that my ISP (Streamyx TMnet) is blocking my torre…