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True Equality

DISCLAIMER:- Before you call me a racist, I DID NOT WRITE THIS. This is merely an email I received and am just sharing with you the views some people have with this issue. And remember, for every one of these emails, there is surely a response to this bouncing around the internet for sure. So no nned to get violent with me as, again, I DID NOT WRITE THIS.

I know I have not written anything for a while now, and this doesn't really count, but I thought I get back into writing again, slowly. Maybe things like this may spark me to write something.

Email starts here:-

Just something most malays would agree with...

Sometimes, I don't understand what more do you guys (chinese) want? You want the Malays to share what's ours, but you never want to share yours with us. You want to take from us but you never want to give. In order to live in harmony, we have to give and take and not just take.

Simple examples:

1. Chinese employers would never promote a Malay to a Managerial level …