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Mobile Phones at the Movies!

We all have experiance this happening to us, right in the middle of a movie, just before the girl turns around to see the ghost, the fella's phone behind you rings! Its bad enough that it rang and he didn't turn the phone off, he proceeds to ANSWER the call... If THAT wasn't bad enough, he speaks LOUDLY!. This may not happen as much in western countries, but here in Asia, this is 'normal'. Oh how this makes me want to bitch slap the fella. Problem is, in asia, the fella won't even know that his actions are not socially exceptable, and suddenly YOU are at fault for getting upset, and then he feels justifed to get mad at you for embarassing HIM!

And so, this is what i purpose. Cinemes or Multiplexes should install a spotlight beam, like the one Batman uses. When a moblie phone rings, The movie will pause, then the spotlight will beam down on the respective fool that answered the call. The usher or an audio recording will make an anouncement.

Something like 'W…
Hakeem and Sulaiman the new Jedi Masters. "Anger leads to the dark side of the Force".


Can I be your candy floss?
I've got the McPhe-ver! Katherine McPhee is my pick for the next American Idol. She's soooooooooo hot! Excuse me, i need a drink.
I HATE THIS SHIT.. this is so typically Malaysian it makes me wanna beat myself with a dead Rabbit! Just yesterday I was having lunch with some China-men and they ordered Fish, 'no chicken, maybe can get Bird-flu'. When the shit is free.. just read this. This ran in a local newspaper today.

- Chicken run in Malacca -

MALACCA: When it comes to free fried chicken, all fears of bird flu go out the window.

At the Melaka Sentral wet market entrance yesterday morning, 200kg of fried chicken were gone in under 10 minutes.

Eighteen chicken traders at the market donated 10 birds each for the free chicken meal event organised by the Malacca Hawkers and Traders Association to promote chicken consumption.

Many among the 1,000 people who turned up for the 11am free meal came ready with plastic bags with the intention to ta pau (take away) the chicken.

The fried chicken went so fast that many did not have a chance to grab a piece, so the chicken traders gave another 200kg of chicken to appease …
The greatest student film ever made for the semester it was made at uni. You'll love it, but you'll never see it. Blood guts and gore.
I love Dr. Pepper. but Australians hate it.. damn you, only-Coca Cola-drinking idiots. there are other options out there!


I woke up one morning and wondered what the hell this 'blogging' thing is. So i started this, my own blog. Aptly named Jinggez as Jinggez is a word that was created by my friends and I to discribe a feeling or situation that is not well or good.

I still dont know what to write about. I still dont know what to Blog about.

I think for now, I will just air my grievances about life and situations i encounter. Some of my views my offend. But I dont care. Feel free to laugh along or cry.

I short... whatever la........................................................................

The Shoddy Blog

The Shoddy Blog

good blog site... go see it now!

Made by the twisted yet brilliant mind of Simon Heywood Johnson. My mate from the good old days of uni. U need uni? u me u me u me. They just dun mik Blogs like this any more. Those guys in Taiwan are so smart. so smart.