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Photoshop Tennis Match 2 (after 14 rounds)

Photoshop is a wonderful thing. Thank god for illegal copies here in Asia, otherwise I would have to fork out thousands, like the rest of the world. Moving on, here we have match 2 of Simon and Ozi's Photoshop Tennis grand-slam extravaganza. This new starting image chosen by Simon poses a whole new set of challenges. First of, its a smaller image. Second, its an image with minimal depth. Third, its littered with little lighting and Gaussian blur "potholes" to fall into. I look forward to this one. I will edit the paragraph below to tell you of the changes made in each round. I'll try and make it as interesting a read for those who read this after the match is over.

Simon starts by adding a the image from Match 1 into one of the frames. I then do the same by inserting a production snap shot of our student film made in 1998 called Bloody Hell 2. Simon then made the freak from The Ring crawl out of another painting. That's plain creepy. Then Thundercats to the rescu…