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She is hot. But Why?

Do you find these kind woman so immensely attractive? Sadly, I do.. and admit it.. so do YOU!

Who is she? It turns out she might be internet model Jessica Kramer (NSFW link to her site here). Her hobbies include shopping, water skiing, and giving me a near painful erection. She also enjoys going to clubs, dancing, and having boobs so awesome they mock our laws of physics.

BiskutNaga's Top Ten Women That Need a Tight Slap

For weeks now, I've been reviewing my archives and have found that my recent articles are shit. I want to bring back some of the edge that seems to have been lost over the past months. Of late, my posts have been some what, well, for lack of a better word, 'gay'. I've seem to have lost the anger, the violence and the crassness in my writing. This blog has always been about the excellence of pushing the boundaries of social etiquette. I use to get excited when I write and feel the juices flow as my fingers pound away at the keyboard. All that has been lacking. So it ends now. I give you BiskutNaga's Top Ten Women That Need a Tight Slap!

These are the women that simply need a slap in the face. Preferably by a big angry Himalayan Indian with Yeti-Bigfoot blood in him. Just one big swing from his hairy-ice-crusted-skin-peeled arm, and SMACK! right across the face of these utterly irritating public women. Oh such ecstasy.

10. Calista flockhart

When I saw the first episode …

Direct Selling - The Hardore way of selling

A couple of months back, a friend of mine was kind enough to give me an opportunity to see what he does for a living, Direct Selling. This is where the producer sells to the user, ultimate consumer or retailer without intervening middlemen such as wholesalers, retailers, or brokers. Direct selling offers many advantages to the customer, including lower prices and shopping from home.

But my friends company calls it 'Below the line' marketing. Yea!
Below the line means non-media advertising or promotion when no commission has been paid to the advertising agency. Includes direct mail, point of sale displays, giveaways and direct sales.
Ok enough Marketing 101 background crap. To summarize, this shit is hard. I knew that a door-to-door salesman had it bad, but I had no idea it was this bad. As my friend would spew out, 'the rewards are there'. If you are willing to put aside, for the moment, your ego and pride, you can be successful in this no doubt. You need to turn yourself…