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Jennifer Connelly and BiskutNaga On Set

A slightly tubby Ozi BiskutNaga and a crying Jennifer Connelly filming scenes from the movie Reservation Road. gives this description of the movie:

“It’s about a college professor whose 10 year old son is killed in a hit and run accident, who then goes on a desperate search for the driver of the car. In the other corner is the driver, a self loathing, deeply damaged man who’s torn between turning himself in for the crime and saving his own hide.”

At first glance, you would think the creepy little girl in these pictures was Dakota Fanning, but it turns out to be her baby sister, Elle. Not another Fanning!?
Yup, one seems to be not enough for Hollywood.

Mozilla FireFox's New Logo

This new logo will take them to number one as the most used browser on the Internet. Kicking Microsoft's Internet Explorer off first place, finally.

Betty or Veronica?

Since I'm on a roll with this whole 'this or that' theme, I will continue with one more of life's little questions. From the famed Archie comics series, Betty and Veronica chronicles the age old love triangle story between these three characters. Since 1944, Betty and Veronica have dueled one another within a High School web of intrigue and romance, with the affections of Archie as the grand prize. They have each had their share of victories and defeats, but 54 years and countless comics later, the question of Who Lands Archie has yet to be resolved.

There is even a syndrome. According to Wikipedia, Betty and Veronica syndrome is a term used in comics, television series and movies for when the protagonist has two potential romantic interests, thus assuring that neither relationship will come to full fruition without the protagonist having to choose one or the other. Essentially you have Betty Cooper who is the sweet blonde wholesome hometown "girl next door,"…


Oh nos! My peep linking to has been pushed off It was online for 1 day and generated 31 juicy clicks to this site.

Got an email saying:
Maybe you managed to enter the hall of fame? Now, don't be sad. Just go to and try again. You can add your peep as often as you want. Maybe if you try a different picture, you'll get more clicks. Also, remember that you can also push your peep up the roster by refering others to the site, so don't forget to put a referal link on your website. Go for it!
eeeeeeehhhh No..... go eat shit.
25peeps to my ass.

The nineth wonder of the world - Toe Jam

I'd like to take this opportunity to discuss the wonder that is Toe Jam. Some of you may not know the term Toe Jam. So I'll tell you. Toe Jam is the small black stuff that gets stuck in corners of your toe nails. What makes this stuff (i.e jam), so interesting is how bad it smells. For the sake of science and discussion, I have gone ahead and made some observations. Normally, I cut my nails while I'm in the bathroom. I can't help but be amazed at how bad Toe Jam smells. I mean you have to wonder how something so small and minute in quantity, smells like death.

You can't help but wonder how many millions upon billions of germ cells it would take, all crammed into a space no bigger than a couple grains of sand, to generate such a smell so sharp and precise. I mean the smell goes up your nostrils and straight to your back of your head, triggering a slight spasm in your spine and your eyes to tear up ever so slightly. Its truely mind boggling. The smell of your own crap…