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Don't you just love Lindsay Lohan?

I must say I am a little bit unsure on my opinions about Lindsay. The first time I saw her was in her breakout Disney movie, The Parent Trap (1998) where she played twins. Her performance was simply brilliant as I thought there were two actresses. Her acting ability is not in question and her recent films are evidence of this. I initially wondered if freckles on her body would get worse as she grew up because honestly, she could have gone either way. This obviously is not the case as she blossomed into quite a vixen. Lindsay was voted #10 on the list of "100 Sexiest Women 2006" by readers of FHM. Maxim placed her at #3 on its 2006 Hot 100 list as well. This year, Lindsay placed at #1 on the Maxim "Hot 100". Her entry on the list can be seen here.

Lindsay is portrayed as a "party girl" who frequented clubs with Nicole Richie and Paris and Nicky Hilton, among others ("people [say], 'Oh, she goes out and she parties,'" Lindsay said. "No, we are just going out and having fun."), while accidental exposures to paparazzi brought repeated rumors of breast enhancement ("they're real though," she asserted). Lindsay later lampooned the various rumors on Saturday Night Live.

The latest scandal involving her are these eye-popping pictures of Lindsay and Vanessa Minnillo posing provocatively with knives making their way to the Internet.

The pictures were taken last year in June after a night of partying in New York. They were both pretty wasted and probably thought it was a great idea to take pictures posing with knives and pulling at each other's tops. Now Vanessa Minnillo is ashamed of these pictures and worries that they will hurt her career.

Anyway, love her or hate her, you can't help but be interested to know what will happen next with Lindsay Lohan. She seems to have succeeded on shedding her Disney image. I for one am still unsure which one I like better. Good Lindsay or Bad Lohan? But then again, whats not to like? Smokes, booze, boobs, knives, lesbians and a suggestive nature... its all good stuff.

I just can't wait to see if little Emma Watson a.k.a Harry Potter's Hermione Granger will follow suit. We can only hope. >>>


Adam said…
In one of her up coming films she gonna play a stripper...nuff said..

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