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Berocca, Does it work?

And now a word from our sponsor.... Berocca Stay sharp Effervescent tablets.

Just a side note, I just love the word EFFERVESCENT.. try using it in a sentence today..

ef·fer·vesce (ěf'ər-věs') Pronunciation Key intr.v. ef·fer·vesced, ef·fer·vesc·ing, ef·fer·vesc·es
- To emit small bubbles of gas, as a carbonated or fermenting liquid.
- To escape from a liquid as bubbles; bubble up.
- To show high spirits or animation or GAY.

Berocca is tailored specifically for those with hectic lifestyles, Berocca helps you to stay at your best and get the most out of the day ahead.
This is what the commercial says.....
Why take Berocca? Berocca is a high dose formulation of essential vitamins and minerals, which can help you to stay sharp. Tailored specifically for those with hectic lifestyles, Berocca helps you to stay at your best and get the most out of the day ahead. It is also free from artificial stimulants, so offers you a health way to stay sharp. Berocca is also suitable for vegetarians.

Drop the tablet into a glass of water to make a delicious orange flavour effervescent drink. Berocca is best taken first thing in the morning to make the most of the day ahead and can be taken every day throughout the year.
Well alright.... sounds good enough...

So? Does it really work? To test, I drank a whole tubes worth. And now I feel like shit. Worse than when I crashed my motorcycle and landed on my head! I think I'm sick. WAIT! Am I not suppose to put more than one at a time? I did find it weird that the glass started overflowing like a science project gone wrong. My stomach is so full of gas now.. ah, crap... hurry man... FART.... BURP... please.. What in the hell!!

I downloaded this award winning commercial quicktime and I sure as hell didn't see any fizzy orange thing behind me.. Or does this shit only work on women? Hang on a sec! let me read the label again.. nope, its suppose to work. Maybe if I were gay.. would I then be able to see a prancing orange fizz fruitcake jump into me? Or at least feeling like one after? Who knows.
In short, Berocca is yet another bullshit feel-good-about-yourself-drink that is as good as a punch in the face. What a load of horse shit.


Adam said…
AHhh perhaps do to your skepticism, it had a Nocebo effect....yeah thats right i said drank all of it....who does that?!!
Ozi said…
In its original application, "nocebo" had a very specific meaning in the medical domains of pharmacology, and nosology, and aetiology.

It was a subject-oriented adjective that was used to label the harmful, unpleasant, or undesirable reactions (or responses) that a subject manifested (thus, "nocebo reactions" or "nocebo responses") as a result of administering an inert dummy drug, where these responses had not been chemically generated, and were entirely due to the subject's pessimistic belief and expectation that the inert drug would produce harmful, injurious, unpleasant, or undesirable consequences.

In these cases, there is no "real" drug involved, but the actual harmful, unpleasant or undesirable biochemical, physiological, behavioural, emotional, and/or cognitive consequences of the administration of the inert drug are very real.

GO EAT CRAP ADAM.............

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