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Happy New Year Ya Clowns!

Yo! As the title suggests, Happy New Year! I expect 2011 to be a hectic year with much travel and new opportunities in store. No need to declare resolutions and shit, we never stick to them anyway. I say just have a general idea of where you want to be at the end of the day and you'll live with less stress.

My last blog update was in October and I know I've been slack in updating this. It seems that social networking is all the trend these days. Facebook and Twitter have litterally taken over our lives. Blogging seems to be so old fashion now. To be honest, blogging takes too much effort and is rather time consuming. I've found that, although you can express more in a blog than in a 'status update', sometimes less is more. Many times in the past, I'd get in trouble with putting my thoughts on a page. I realise that not everyone shares my opinions or sense of humour for that matter. True freedom of speech does not exist. Its hard to convey your point of view or a humourous anticdote without it be misconstuded to something else.

These days, peoples attention span is getting less and less. Perhaps its the fact that everyone is busy or in a rush. No one has time to read pages and pages of text. I know my sisters have no patience for my ramblings here. I almost have to force them to read this. They are both so busy Twitting that if this doesnt appear on their Twitter feed, this will undoubtedly go unnoticed. Hell, the only reason anyone would read this is because I've linked Blogspot with Facebook, and as soon I press 'Publish' this 'Note' will appear on my wall.

I remember when I first started blogging, getting comments was all I cared about. It is that feedback and interactivity with your readers, that makes blogging so satisfying. I suppose thats why Facebook and Twitter are such a big success. Its constant instant feedback.

Damn you Mark Zuckerberg. You rich cunt. I was watching Bloomberg last night about the Facebook story. The company is currently valued at 10 billion dollars. There are 500 million users and growing. Microsoft paid 240 Million for only 1.6% of the company. One can't help but feel slightly jealous. I watched The Social Network last year and thought "Why did I think of that?" .... damn.

Anyway, Happy New Year and my your dream come true....... Bitches.


Anonymous said…
Lanny is in Melbourne, why dont you contact him, he would love to hear from you. A

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